Who? The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine, in association with The MIKE Force Tactical AIrsoft Club present
Codename: Solitaire II

What? Codename: Solitaire will be a straight laced MilSim Op with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Special
Operations Warrior Foundation.

When? August 17, 2008.  Clear those schedules!

Where?  Codename: Solitaire will take place at the MIKE Force Base Camp field:
504 Trail Drive, Moss Landing, CA 95039
Get Driving Directions Here

HOW?!  This is the fun part...

UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS: NO ACUs or ABUs allowed!  This includes hats, vests and all tactical gear!  ONLY
 If you're seen in it, you'll either be sent home to change or play in
your undies...your choice (we aren't responsible for ridicule as a result of the latter)!  See the SitRep below
for further uniform "requests."

FPS LIMITS: 400fps w/.25bbs!  AEGs and GBBs and NBBs and any other BB-firing gun is welcome so long as it meets
the FPS limitation of
400fps w/.25bbs.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!  And no, not even for sniper rifles...thems
the breaks kiddies!

NO SYSTEMA PTWs: Every event we throw, we get bombarded with controversial emails about individuals swapping out
PTW cylinders in the field to break FPS rules.  When holding public events, you cannot guarantee the type of
individuals who will show up, but you can guarantee a certain level of safety.  And that is all we're trying to
do.  While we do understand that there are outstanding members of the community who own these, there are also
those who aren't so "outstanding" and it is because of those individuals that we have decided that it is easiest
and in everyone's best interest to "just say no."
NAM philosophy is, if you can fork over near $1500+ for a PTW,
you can more than afford the $25 for a rental gun that shoots within the FPS limits (see below for rental info)
For those owners of PTWs who state "yeah, but it's not that easy to swap them out!" or, "That's highly
impractical!" We'll dispel that myth by offering this video from AATV's complete review of the Systema PTW.  Note
the ease and length of time that it takes them to swap out the cylinder:

RENTALS: What if I don't have a gun?  What if I do and it's too hot to make the FPS limits?  Rentals will be
available for $25 per person and will include an AEG, freshly charged battery and 1-HiCap full of BBs.  So you
may wanna pick up an extra bag if you're a newbie or a hi-capper planning on renting.

Okay, you've got me so far...so how much does it cost and what am I paying for?!

Codename: Solitaire is a measly $15 a head.  $15 for a day's worth of gaming goodness and the satisfaction of
knowing every penny of that $15 is going to benefit a more than worthy cause!  Plus, your chance to snag some of
AWESOME prizes!  Okay, cool, so how do I register?  If you have PayPal, simply click the link below to
register.  If you don't have PayPal, find a friend who does and have them register you and put your name in the
"comments" box.

15.Jul.08 - Moscow confirms the status of one of their new "Solitaire" nuclear warheads as officially "missing."

17.Jul.08 - General Vlad Kravetskinsky becomes a suspect in Interpol's database as wanted for the theft of
"unspecified munitions" stolen from a base in Southern Ukrane.

22.Jul.08 - Central Intelligence Agency confirms a bank wire transfer to General Kravetskinsky from Randalf
Randawa, a suspected leader of the Mossland insurgency.
25.Jul.08 - Sattelite imaging confirms a large group of insurgents moving to a secure location in the Mossland

Team objectives to be discussed at the event.  No exceptions!

OpFor: Woodland or Tiger Stripe BDUs strongly encouraged but anything is fine except ACUs
UN: 3-color desert, MultiCam or desert MARPAT strongly encouraged but any BDU except ACUs
Loadouts: There is no loadout limitation whatsoever.

1000-1030hrs: Arrival, gear-up, sign-in and chrono.

1030-1045hrs: Field Insertion

1045-1230hrs: GAME ON!

1230-1330hrs: Game break for lunch

1330-1500hrs: Lunch break ends.  Game resumes!

1500-1530hrs: Game ends.  Debrief & Raffle prizes awarded.

1600hrs: Codename: Solitaire ends.

Actual game rules will be discussed at the event...

Basic Rules and Guidelines:
All those in attendance MUST read, complete, sign and bring to the game, our release form.  Signature states that
the participant (legal guardian if a minor) releases all legal liability and that all safety rules and
regulations have been thoroughly read and clearly comprehended.  Signature also states that any images taken of
the participant may be utilized by The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine for publication purposes without
reimbursement to the undersigned.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal from Codename: Solitaire
Minors: (persons under the age of 18) are welcome to attend with parental consent.  All minors are required to
have the release form (see above) completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian upon arrival to game site(a
sibling cannot be considered a legal guardian unless legally appointed as such).  All minors MUST comply with
special safety regulations specified in the Release Form.  Violations of this rule will result in dismissal from
participation in Codename: Solitaire.

All adult players MUST have safety goggles/glasses and a boxer's mouth guard!  All minors must have full face
protection (paintball or mesh face mask).  All those attending must also read and sign a release form stating
that all rules, safety rules and regulations have been thoroughly read and clearly comprehended.

Any behaviour which results in expulsion from the game shall forfeit all fees paid!  Registration fees will not
be refunded after 1 week prior to the event.
(used with permission from AATV).