Game Details:

October 23, 2006

Game Location:
Morgan Hill, California

Game Schedule:
0800-1000hrs: Arrival, sign-in and chrono
1000-1030hrs: Briefing on rules
1030-1045hrs: Insertion into field and mission
1045-1215hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD IV begins
1215-1345hrs: Lunch Break
1345-1400hrs: Reinsertion into field and mission
briefing (scenario reset)
1400-1530hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD IV resumes
1530-1545hrs: Briefing: No One Gets Out Alive!
1545-1615hrs: No One Gets Out Alive!
1615-1630hrs: Raffle
1630hrs: Operation: Biohazard IV concludes


TO: Lt. George Argento

FROM: Environmental Impact Department

SUBJECT: 23102006 - Environmental Impact Experiment

Mr. Argento,

It is both fortunate and unfortunate that I must contact you.  But first, the bad news.

As you already know, your superior, Cpt. Romero went missing after his direct interceding of Environmental Impact Experiment 23102006.  Due to
the nature of his mission, which at this time is still classified by the B.W.D., and the substantial amount of time he has remained missing, he
has been presumed deceased.

The ultimate goal of a corporation such as TROCAR Chemicals Inc., is to secure the welfare of each and every one of it's employees as well as
delve into new concepts and experiments to ensure the longevity and wellbeing of all humankind through the creation and application of our line
of medicinal and scientific applications.  With this in mind, we have resumed environmental impact experiments.

During the testing phase of our latest version of R.I.P., it appears that one of the scientists, a Dr. Alex Newhaven, has placed himself above
all else and accepted a bribe from an undisclosed agency of our Federal Government.  This information was discovered while coming our email
archive database just last Friday.  For the price of $1,000,000 in US Dollars, he has agreed to provide them with not only a sample of the new
R.I.P. strain, but evidence of it's side effects on past experiments.  The meeting is to take place on 23.Oct.07, at a hidden location within
the Elkhorn Slew.  It doesn't take a person of superior intellect to see the ramifications of what something like this will have upon our
corporation as well as the security and welfare of all of our employees, yourself included.

Now for the good news...

We will be needing to send you and your SWAT-HAZMAT team in to intercept Dr. Newhaven.  Unfortunately, he has recruited a security team from
Romero loyalists who were terminated shortly after his disappearance after bringing up false charges against our corporation.  You will need to
locate Dr. Newhaven, retrieve any evidence he may be in possession of, and return it to us.  Success in this mission, entitles you to the
position of Captain, the position held previously by your predecessor, Luccio Romero.  Additionally, should you happen upon Dr. Newhaven's
compensation, you may keep that as an added incentive... a bonus for your promotion, so to speak.


Frank Shelly, V.P.
Environmental Impact Department
TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.






Listen up team.  We're set to deploy in Moss Landing, CA.  I know that several "suits" feel that we're not quite ready for this, but now's our
chance to prove them wrong and earn some well deserved respect!  We may face slight opposition from Dr. Newhaven and his security team.  Our
deployment date is set for October 23, 2007 for a morning insertion.  Please utilize the time between now and then to go over any weak areas
pointed out in last month's qualifications.

1. Insert in teams of 6 at LZ Halloween

2. Locate Dr. Newhaven

3. Intercept the trade between Dr. Newhaven and undisclosed party

2. Acquire and secure any and all evidence he may be in possession of

5. Extract via LZ Samhain w/ evidence

1. Neutralize all witnesses
2. Acquire case from undisclosed party containing classified contents

Again, we've been given an opportunity to show that we aren't rookies.  We need to pull this off completely and quickly.  I'll treat you all to
a beer at the pub when this is over!


Lt. George Argento
SWAT-HAZMAT Operations
TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.
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